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Your Guide To Taking Baby Photos At Home During a Pandemic – Toronto Newborn Photographer – Moments by Anjum

With the world in lockdown, we know you may be feeling bummed by not being able to have your baby’s professional photos taken. We would like to assure you that you can still take their beautiful photos by yourself at home. This blog includes some tips for capturing your baby in their early weeks.

SAFETY – this cannot be stressed enough.

  • Always support your baby’s head at all time.
  • If you’re using a digital camera always place the strap around your neck to avoid it from falling on baby.
  • Do not try any elaborate poses. Keep poses simple and natural. Be mindful that some poses look easy but they are difficult and they require a lot of skill to execute. Not all poses should be tried without proper training.


Photography is all about lighting. The best time to take newborn photos is during the day when the sun is out. To get the most amount of light take photos near a window. Do not place the baby in direct sunlight as this will give harsh shadows and will not be flattering. Instead either put up a sheer cloth at the window to defuse the light or move the baby a little over into the shadowy area.

Pose baby so the light hits baby on one side and so the light comes down the baby’s face and not up their nose.


With all of the preparations you have done to welcome this new baby into your lives, you must have collected a lot of stuff and all that can be used for the photo shoot. This includes stuffed animals, outfits, headbands, receiving blankets or wraps, nursing pillows etc. You can also use throws or blankets or bed sheets to serve as backdrops. You can take beautiful photos even with your phone.

Your baby should be the centre of attention. Don’t clutter the scene with too many props so the baby gets lost in it and has to compete for your attention. The focus should be on your baby.

Try not to pose every photo sometimes the most beautiful photos are those taken in their natural setting.


Be patient, taking baby photos takes time. If baby is not cooperating, try again another day.

Also, sometimes as soon as you look away or a soon as you move your camera your baby will give you a smile or will do something super cute that you would have missed. To avoid missing any of those precious moments Keep your camera on the baby a while longer.


For a simple wrapping technique watch my IGTV video here

Stretchable material such as jersery work best for wrapping babies. However, you can work with whatever you have including receiving blankets and scarves.


If you used your phone, there are many apps for editing your images such as VCSO, Snapseed or Lumii. Lightroom is great for editing if you used a digital camera. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog. We cannot wait to hold all the cute little babies and be back to photographing them. In the meantime, if you’re expecting a baby later in the year and love our style do contact us to book a session by visiting www.momentsbyanjum.com

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