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Tips For Throwing The Best FIRST Birthday Party!

First birthdays are so special. It’s a time to celebrate a whole year of the beautiful memories you’ve created with your baby. It is your babys very first ONE and deserves a BIG celebration. Below are some tips for throwing the best first birthday for your baby.


First birthdays are a big event and with every event, planning should be done well in advance. Once baby is nine months it’s a good time to start. It is an ideal time to start booking various vendors and to make sure they are available for that day. 


A theme is where everything starts. Once you have a theme, you’ll know exactly what to buy and who to book. Hop onto Pinterest and you’ll find a lot of great ideas for themes. For my sons first birthday, I did a Kung Fu Panda theme, while for my daughters I did a simple floral theme. Choose more common themes as they are easier to shop for. I had the hardest time finding décor for the Kung Fu Panda theme.


You can’t do everything so delegate tasks to other people. Enjoy the day instead of trying to run the whole show. Give people tasks to do before and during the party. Who will be responsible for the décor? Will you be hiring a professional? Who will be responsible for picking up the cake/food? Who will be looking after the baby during the party? Just some things to keep in mind.


Depending on your budget, you can plan on the route you’d like to take for the décor and other details. Making a DIY Pinterest worthy party is totally doable. Remember to give tasks to everyone to allow things to come together easier. If you’d like more of a piece of mind, hire a planner. They will make sure the décor, food, party favours, cake etc are all taken care of.    


If you plan on having kid guests, it’s a great idea to have some form of entertainment for them. Interactive games and entertainment are really enjoyable. Clowns, musical chairs, puppet shows are some examples.


The star of the day has to shine. Plan an outfit for your baby which fits well with the theme. Have a more comfortable option available in case baby is just uneasy in it or accidents.


Cake smash sessions are a cute trend to celebrate the big ONE milestone reached. Best time to book a cake smash session with a photographer is minimum 3 weeks before the actual birthday, to have the photos back and printed in time for the party.


Best way to document the memories of the big day, is to have a professional photographer. While you are busy with baby, guests and hospitality, a photographer will make sure to capture all the moments plus those you may have missed.

Last but not least, follow your babys cues. A lot of parents try to push feeding and nap times to later times on birthdays and it usually results in a cranky and uncomfortable baby. Keep baby calm by feeding when hungry and put down for a nap when tired. This may require timing the birthday program around babys schedule.

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