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After a life altering event of carrying and delivering a baby, a new mom is often given the back seat. The new baby gets all the attention while mom is left feeling a bit isolated and lonely. She just endured one of the most physically painful experiences of her life and boarded another roller coaster ride, motherhood. She requires care from family and friends for her recovery. One way to help her out is to give gifts that she’ll appreciate deeply. Yes, it’s nice receiving flowers and chocolates but they don’t really benefit the new mom. This blog gives 7 gift ideas that will leave a mom feeling supported and cared for.


Take over some food. From all the baby feedings and little rest, thinking about making dinner is daunting. Ask her favourite items or restaurants and have them delivered. You can also give a gift card to their preferred place. Give meals that are well balanced including veggies too. Peace of mind from cooking especially if they have other kids is huge relief for a new mom.

Hair Vitamins

After having beautiful lushes hair throughout pregnancy, post pregnancy is a different story. Post-partum hair loss is reality and can be upsetting when it happens. Send new mom some hair vitamins and minerals to help cope with it.

Self Care Gifts

A mom always puts baby first and forgets about herself. Self-care gifts are a way to tell her to slow down and treat herself. These can include a self-care basket with items such as lotions, moisturizers, facial masks, scrubs or bath bombs. A gift card for a massage or a spa will have her relax for awhile.


With having to deal with the baby cluster feeding, a mom just wants to be wearing something comfortable and easy. She will appreciate a set of comfortable pajamas that are breastfeeding friendly.

Cleaning Service

Another thing that is daunting for a new mom is cleaning the home. The home is last on the list to-dos. Clean up the house for her or give a gift certificate for a cleaning service. A clean space or home can instantly change her mood.

Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental gifts are great for those who love to give gifts that evoke emotion. These include, necklaces with baby’s name or birthstone on it or heirloom items.

Gift of Memories

A newborn photo shoot is the best way to keep memories of baby in the earliest stages of their lives. Mom and Dad will re-live them over and over again. You can gift the new mom-to-be gift cards for a photo session. Gift cards are available at Moments by Anjum.

Moments by Anjum has an option of giving gift cards or adding a newborn session to the baby gift registry. All you have to do it let us know that you want to set it up! For more info visit www.momentsbyanjum.com or contact us at momentsbyanjum@gmail.com 

These gifts are not the usual glam gifts but they are those that will let the new mom know that you were thoughtful of her needs and supportive in her journey.


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