Preparing For Your Session

This newborn session prep guide will help you prepare for your in home newborn session.

NURSING If nursing, try to avoid eating anything that will cause gas and might upset baby’s tummy the day before the session. 

BABY FEEDING Skip a feeding and feed baby right before the session. Try to keep baby awake for a couple hours before the session. Have a bottle of milk (breast or formula) ready for the session. Your baby will eat more often during the session than they normally do. 

PACIFIER Please have a pacifier at hand. Sometimes babies just want to suck, even after they are fed. For a successful session, it’s important to have a calm and soothed baby so a pacifier can help a lot, even if only used for a few seconds. If used, it will be removed immediately once baby calms.

BABY CLEANLINESS Clean away flaky skin and eye boogers with a wash cloth. Trim those tiny fingernails and toenails with baby trimmers.

HOME  ATMOSPHERE The temperature of your home needs to be increased to 80F. I do bring an extra heater to ensure baby stays warm during the session.

CIRCUMCISION For boys who will be circumcised, it’s best to either schedule the procedure for after the session, or allow at least 4-5 days between the procedure and the session. We don’t want baby being uncomfortable. If the session takes place too soon afterwards, posing options may be limited.

HAIRCUT Please schedule the babys haircut after the session. Babies look cuter with a head full of hair.

DURATION The session can take anywhere from 2-4 hours not including setup and take down.

ASSISTANCE A parent may be needed to help out with some of the poses. I may need to use certain items found in your home (chairs, stools, heaters etc).

COLOR OPTIONS The color options for wrap and backdrops: white, gray, brown, blue, purple and pink. You can select up to 2 colors to use during the session. 

SPACE My equipment such as small bed, lights are quite large and require quite some room to work in.

PARENT AND SIBLING PHOTOS I recommend wearing a simple solid colored, neutral or earth toned items that coordinate with each other, but don’t match exactly. Try to avoid collars, patterns, prints, logos and bright colors. The simpler, the better as we want the focus to be on baby and the family, not distracting clothing.

WORKFLOW I have my own workflow which allows proper transitioning of poses and allows me to be more efficient with the time. I usually start off with newborn photos and end with family photos. However, if siblings are present then family photos are done first.

BABY SAFETY Baby’s safety and comfort is top priority during the session which is why the session is baby led. Please be advised that not all babies do all poses for this reason I can’t guarantee a particular pose. I will do my best to calm a baby down however sometimes despite all my efforts some babies just don’t settle. An unsettled baby or uncooperative sibling will affect the total number of photos you receive.

HOME PREPAREDNESS Please make sure the area I will be working is clean, furniture moved and ready for me to start. 

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